SANDS Lothians has been our lifeline since our daughter was stillborn at 29 weeks last year.
The support they provide to bereaved families is immeasurable. Our very first phone call made such a huge impact on us, as well as receiving amazing practical advice about funeral arrangements, our emotions were suddenly validated – it was ok and normal for us to be feeling not only devastation and heartache but also huge amounts of love and pride for our beautiful little girl. SANDS Lothians is so special, their support is family and person-centred and entirely tailored to each family’s individual needs, not only when newly bereaved but throughout our lives. As bereaved parents themselves, they are in a unique position to understand and empathise with those of us who access their services and know all too well there is no “right and wrong” when it comes to grief. It’s horrible that such a charity has to exist but thank goodness that it does!

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