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Well Done Niall Darroch!

We have some more SANDS Lothians sporting men to share with you! This one comes with a shaved head and a circus strongman costume!!

Niall Darroch has completed the Borders Triathlon Series in aid of the charity. The final race of the series was at Eyemouth, and represented the end point of more than 200 hours training and racing over the season.

"I am really amazed that the Just Giving total (see link below) now stands at over £800. I was happy to fulfill my funding target forfeits of shaving my head and racing in a circus strongman costume! Having such generous support from so many people for the much needed work of SANDS Lothians really inspired me to give it my all," Niall says.

Niall managed 2nd in the series age group leaderboard and to just sneak 3rd overall. To show support, you can send him a message via the blog or donate on the just giving page.

"It has been a really humbling and inspiring journey to race for a cause. SANDS Lothians is a cause very close to my heart thanks to the amazing support they gave Becca and me after our son Ryan was stillborn. Racing with Ryan added an emotional depth to triathlon I find hard to explain but will always treasure."

Congratulations and thanks to Niall and all his supporters for their incredible fundraising. Congratulations also to Becca and Niall who delivered a little rainbow brother for Ryan last week. Welcome to the World Little Keir from all at SANDS Lothians.…/eyemouth-duathlo…

Photo credit - Becca Freeden

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