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Fundraising FAQs

IMG 0773How do I set up a Justgiving page?

Setting up a Justgiving page is pretty simple – their site is good at guiding you through the process. There are two important things to remember:

  • When asked the name of the charity you wish to raise money for it is crucial you select ‘SANDS Lothians’ – if you select ‘SANDS’ any money you raise will go to the UK-wide charity and not to us. It is possible for this money to be re-directed to us but the work involved is massive, and we may have to ask your help to show it was us you intended the money to go to in the first place!
  • The name of the event you are taking part in – if it is an organised group event like a marathon it is highly likely to be in their list of events that you can search for. Otherwise you will need to think of a name for it or manually enter the name of the event that may not be known to Justgiving.

Otherwise, it is simply a case of following the steps, telling the reader of your page a little about you (or nothing, if you want to keep it really low-key) and setting a fundraising target. Beware; you will probably spend half your day watching the totaliser creep towards your target, so make it challenging, but not unreachable!

Will SANDS Lothians provide vests or t-shirts? 

Of course we will! If you use Justgiving we will be in touch with you to thank you and offer any help we can – the least we can do is ask if we can get a SANDS Lothians vest or t-shirt to you. We’ll ask your size and either keep it safe for you to collect in the office or pop it in the post, whatever works best for you!

If you aren’t using Justgiving just drop us a line and tell us what you’re doing and we’ll get a vest or t-shirt to you in the same way as above.

IMG 0824Can I get a charity place? 

For some events we can offer you a charity place. However, due to the cost of this and the financial commitment we are placing in you, we are forced to insist on a certain level of sponsorship to make it viable. In almost all cases we will be happy to do this, and would encourage you to approach us to check if the option is available (as much as possible we will use our website and other sites such as Facebook to flag up events where this is option is available).

The level of sponsorship we ask of you will depend entirely on the cost of the event entry – don’t worry, the figure will not be dependent on your background, level of involvement with SANDS Lothians or any other variable; we will set the level as low as we possibly can as we are aware of the efforts you are going to to complete your challenge and drum up support from family and friends!

Please note, in extreme circumstances SANDS Lothians reserves the right to set the fundraising target at a level higher than normal to mitigate any perceived risk to the charity. In this case we will explain these reasons to you where possible.